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Fluid Fashion

Cold Shoulder Floral Top

A floral print cold-shoulder top with dramatic trumpet sleeves will dress you to a perfection for a sunny brunch. Tuck it into a flowy skirt and wear cute sandals to seal the style.


Take this one out on a date. The geometric print is trending big, and when it is presented in a flowing monochrome dress- it’s a treat to the eyes. Go for red pumps and a red handbag to add a pop of colour.




Mustard yellow is in. The movement of this wide-legged fluid number offers a flattering silhouette. And it looks great coupled with crop top.Wide-leg dark pants can be dressed up on down depend upon your sensibility – go for a casual vibe and wear with a Shirt and coaches or with a silk white shirt and foot sole areas for a night undertaking. Pick pants in a curiously large shape, guaranteeing that they’re cut high at the belly.





This fluid ox-blood ruffled sleeve blouse is ideal for Friday, as you can go from the boardroom to the bar. It looks and feels luxe, and pairs with classic black tailored linen pants very well. All things considered, I don’t have the any idea, truly, on the grounds that I don’t generally get how the design business settles on patterns all the while. Notwithstanding the reason they’re so well known, they’re here, and you should to probably purchase no less than one unsettle best. I mean, of course, you don’t have to – do you! – but you might want to, because they’re really pretty, much more versatile than you think, and kind of fun to wear.

There are such huge numbers of various ways of them that it’s difficult to bind them to one specific sort of style. There are shirts with little confuse components, as on the sleeves or along the base trim. There are finish with unsettles going down the center, shirts that are full on discomfort all finished and have an energy for the sensational, and different choices that tend to look more expert. There are such a remarkable number of outlook to wear them, and they can be much more fun than simply your standard t-shirt




Looks like denim but feels so fluid-wear this embroidered yoke dress to your next lunch date, and give ethnic wear a new twist. Carry a contrasting clutch, slip on a pair of gladiators, and watch heads turn.












Add some movement and fun to your ethnic wear, and give it a twist with this A-Line Kurti, that when you move, it moves with you. Ditch the bottoms and wear this pretty indigo outfit as a dress. We don’t know where to start for this one since it’s a ceaseless rundown of excellent prints. From Baltic to square, kalamkari to computerized prints, there are such a significant number of – and one that matches each event, body compose, preference and budget.




Go bright and vibrant in this chic yellow bell-sleeved top. This is a great breathable option for the long summer days, without compromising on style.












One of the coolest prints doing the rounds right now is the pretty flamingo. And it has found its place on this trendy, fluid sleeveless cape. Throw this on any monotone ensemble, and make a statement.




If there’s one item your summer wardrobe is missing, it’s this flowing, silhouette-loving paisley print midi dress. Accessories it with some cool tribal jewelry and nail the flowy clothes.











Team this trendy, light and airty ikat  print shirt with a pair of denim tulottes and leather mojris to ace the east-meets-west look.




It has all about the tiny little details that make all the difference. Like the tribal pocket and borders, and the cool collar on this kurta dress.




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Women’s outfit for summer


Patterns will take two restricted directions: on one side towards a solid, dynamic palette, that reviews fauvist pictures, on alternate towards pastel tints on light and destructed pieces of clothing, for an ethereal look. All subtleties going from lavender to pink will be on pattern and will become the overwhelming focus on female and absolutely chic gatherings

  • Lavender

this shading will command the entire summer season. Sentimental yet rich, you can wear it on a manly suit or a light piece of clothing that gets swelling with each progression.

  • Sky Blue

new shading that bring out a quiet sky. It’s awesome on mid or full-length dresses.

  • Milk White

a full, warm shade. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and digital like. This shade was spotted on light, common materials on articles of clothing imagined for an outlandish voyage

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Men’s outfit for summer


so summer season is best times to be wearing colorful clothes.

Wearing light color dress will be more attractive and easy during the summer. You can go through light blue, light green, light yellow, white and many more. These are the best color to keep cool in the heat.
Men’s form needn’t take a back seat, for men also can locate their enjoyment in pastel type and dainty prints to have a great time this summer.
Lighter and brighter colors are more summer appropriate because they better reflect the summer mood. The big benefit reflects light and dark-colored clothing absorbs it. The more heat that is absorbed the hotter the clothing is and the hotter you are. Furthermore, light-colored clothing looks softer and cooler. … So it must be more comfortable to wear light color clothes in summer.
Now we can now talk about some specific clothe according to suitable summer season
  • Shorts

Probably the one piece of clothing most connected with summer are shorts

When its too hot in summer, everybody’s quick to grab a pair of shorts, but few known how to pull them off with style.

So we remember about shorts that they are casual by nature. We cannot style them in formal occasion. These aren’t office-appropriate garments, guys!. It is meant to provide freedom of movement while keeping you cool. Also, avoid any shorts that have cargo pockets. The objective is to have decent clean lines, which makes load shorts the inverse of polished. You generally need your pieces of clothing to intently pursue the lines of your body, and shorts are no special case.

They’re so easygoing, you can without much of a stretch escape with louder hues and even prints.On the off chance that you will wear boisterous shorts however, wear it with something impartial to adjust the outfit.

  • T-Shirts

Wearing t-shirts on its own can look extremely stylish. But i would recommend you  to avoid graphic tees and go for either a solid or striped piece.

On the off chance that you totally should go for a realistic tee, ensure the realistic is generally modest and not very in-your-confront. Goodness, and on no events should you ever wear an “interesting” tee!You can go for a crew-neck or a V-neck and further it’s just a matter of taste.

Truly, you should have two or three varieties of Shirts. Try not to stick to one sort and get it in a group of various hues. Blend it up a bit!

  • Shirts

Obviously, you can (and should) likewise toss a few shirts in your mid summer style blend.

Shirts are an in step up advance up from plain T-shirts. They’re simply more tasteful. I don’t think you generally need to wear a shirt, yet certainly when you need to establish a decent impression on somebody.

We can style them in formal occasion. These are office-appropriate garments, guys!

At any rate discover a couple of material shirts to add to your wardrobe.

Having a couple of neutrals is dependably a smart thought, yet recollect that it’s summer, which implies time to have a touch of fun with kind and examples.

  • Pants

Pants have the additional advantage of keeping your skin protected from the immediate daylight. With the correct sorts of textures, you will sweat less and really be more open to wearing pants than shorts.

The greater part of your pants ought to be in neutral color, as they’ll run better with your colorful summer tees and shirts

  • Footwear

Now, in summer you have lots and lots of shoe alternatives, particularly with regards to easygoing wear.

And keeping in mind that I for the most part prescribe folks to wear cowhide shoes, summer is the one season where I’d suggest something else. Leather is alright to wear in summer, mind you, yet softened suede or canvas shoes will keep you significantly cooler

Like you can go for some examples(from casual to formal):

  • Espadrilles
  • Canvas sneakers / Plimsolls
  • Boat shoes
  • Driving shoes
  • Loafers (Especially suede)
  • Suede brogues or derbies


  • Jackets

The secret to wearing jackets in summer is essentially to get them in the correct fabric, as talked about prior. And keeping in mind that you can unquestionably wear a darkest coat, to keep yourself cool, you may select jackets that are bit lighter in colorful also;so instead of charcoal or navy, you might opt for a light-grey or camel.

Don’t wear a jacket when it’s not necessary though. It won’t make you look more intelligent when the additional heat from wearing a jacket is making you sweat more.


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3 best fabrics for Summer


Almost all summer clothes are made of cotton, which is comfortable in summer season. And cotton is the fabric which is perfect for all climates, that’s why it is mostly worn by people and loved, too. It allows air to release its cheerful nature and flow all through the texture, cotton works like a perfect freshness for your body. Also, it consume all your moisture like a wipe, abandoning you as dry as a raisin.


It is a natural product and because of the way it is designed, it has many advantages such as

  • It absorbs the moisture in hot climate
  • It insulate the material and prevents loss of heat.
  • It provides comfort and it is also hypoallergenic
  • It is weatherproof and is a durable fabric.


It is a one of the popular fabric material found in clothing. Linen garments feels cool to the touch and this fabric will quickly remove wetness from the skin. Its light and flowy weave will shower you with most extreme breathability and solace. With its admirable coolness and freshness, you’ll be feeling like you’re wearing a compact climate control system.


  • Linen fabric has many attractive properties and all of them are most easily appreciated when wearing linen clothing
  • The main benefit of wearing in hot weather because it is the coolest of the cool.
  • It stays away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body.
  •  It is claimed, that heat conductivity of linen is five times higher than wool and eighteen times higher than silk.
  • All these properties allow linen to function well in hot and hot/humid conditions very well and significantly alleviate the effects of the heat and humidity on the wearer


Rayon is a very thin fabric, which allows it to breathe more than other fabrics. It mostly good for sportswear and summer wear. It is a man made  fiber and cotton is natural fiber. But it is less suitable for men because of it’s drape. It was invented as a cheaper alternative to silk.


  • Rayon fabric is skin friendly with lower friction between cloth and skin.
  • This fiber is quite cool than cotton fabric and also provides netter comfort.
  • This man-made fiber made from cellulose in trees can be controlled to mimic the surface and feel of any of the four materials.
  • It gives lightness that prevents it from sticking to a body in hot weather
  • Rayon has a wow factor, it evaporates the moisture or sweat quickly and remains dry.