Women’s outfit for summer


Patterns will take two restricted directions: on one side towards a solid, dynamic palette, that reviews fauvist pictures, on alternate towards pastel tints on light and destructed pieces of clothing, for an ethereal look. All subtleties going from lavender to pink will be on pattern and will become the overwhelming focus on female and absolutely chic gatherings

  • Lavender

this shading will command the entire summer season. Sentimental yet rich, you can wear it on a manly suit or a light piece of clothing that gets swelling with each progression.

  • Sky Blue

new shading that bring out a quiet sky. It’s awesome on mid or full-length dresses.

  • Milk White

a full, warm shade. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and digital like. This shade was spotted on light, common materials on articles of clothing imagined for an outlandish voyage

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